Banarasi saree is going to be showcased at Ambani’s family wedding

Yogi govt elevates Banarasi saree to global stage with ODOP status, GI tag

Varanasi: Kashi’s Banarasi saree is set to feature at the Ambani family wedding, highlighting global recognition of this One District, One Product (ODOP) after awarding the prestigious GI tag to the product.

The granting of One District, One Product status to Kashi’s Banarasi saree by the Yogi government has propelled the craftsmanship of Kashi’s artisans to an international level.

With this new recognition, the Banarasi saree continues to rise in popularity. Whether it’s the film industry or the world’s largest industrial houses, all widely adore the Banarasi saree. Nita Ambani has also selected this exquisite Banarasi saree for her son’s wedding.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath have given the country’s artisans a new market as brand ambassadors for GI products and ODOP.

Nita Ambani, wife of Mukesh Ambani, arrived in Varanasi a few days ago to buy this saree for her son’s wedding. she went from the saree shop to the weaver’s houses to watch the intricate craft.

GI expert Padma Shri Dr. Rajni Kant stated that the Banarasi saree is entirely handloom and silk. Nita Ambani admired it. Consequently, the Ambani family’s appreciation of the Banarasi saree will enhance its global appeal. In addition to the traditional garments of Banaras, the primary brand ambassadors for GI and ODOP products are Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, who have promoted these products worldwide.

According to GI expert Padma Shri Dr Rajni Kant, the Banarasi saree with a GI tag is exclusively crafted using 100 percent handloom silk, a feature appreciated by Nita Ambani. This endorsement from the Ambani family is expected to elevate the attraction of the Banarasi saree globally.

Alongside Banaras’ traditional attire, PM Modi and CM Yogi Adityanath stand as prominent advocates and have significantly promoted GI and ODOP products worldwide.

Nita Ambani has ordered several Banarasi sarees for her son’s wedding. Saree traders and exporters Praveen Agrawal explain that the inclusion of Banarasi sarees in the GI and ODOP categories by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has breathed new life into this ancient art and its weavers. When Banarasi sarees are worn at the Ambani family’s wedding, it will once again garner global attention. This will rejuvenate the market for Banarasi sarees internationally.

Amit Shevaramani, owner of Suvidha Sarees and a young entrepreneur, stated that at Mukesh Ambani’s son’s wedding, Banarasi sarees will gain unprecedented recognition among top industrialists, celebrities, and leaders from various fields worldwide, thereby creating renewed employment opportunities for skilled artisans.