Modi 3.0: Where did BJP go wrong?

The Lok Sabha election results are a warning for the Bharatiya Janata Party. This time, voters have only warned the BJP and let it go

Modi 3.0: The Lok Sabha election results are a warning for the Bharatiya Janata Party. This time, voters have only warned the BJP and let it go. But, if the top leadership does not wake up even after this and there is no change in the working style of the party and the government, then next time BJP should be ready to sit in the opposition.

Mohan Bhagwat asks the BJP government to improve
RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat has also publicly expressed his displeasure with the working and behavior of the Modi government and advised it to improve. He has also not considered it good that Prime Minister Modi himself takes credit for everything. The Sangh chief has also criticized the central government for its indifference towards the violence that has been going on in Manipur for the last year.

Why didn’t the BJP receive the anticipated support from the public?
Of course, the Modi government has done many historic works which should have been done immediately after independence. The country’s economic condition has improved. The country’s reputation has increased around the world. It has given a corruption-free government. Terrorist activities and Naxalite violence have almost been controlled. The selection of deserving people has increased the ‘respect’ of Padma. Commendable work has been done towards toilets in every house and awareness towards cleanliness. Many other good works have been done in the Modi government. But, even after this, why the public did not give the expected support to this government, is a matter of deep contemplation.

PM Modi’s narrow victory margin should be a cause for concern for the BJP
Prime Minister Modi’s victory by 1 lakh 52 thousand votes from Kashi shows that even the voters there are not happy with him. Why did Modi’s votes decrease even after doing so much work for Kashi? Modi ji himself should think about this.

The BJP loses Ayodhya and its Hindutva card
The defeat in Ayodhya is a big slap on the face of the BJP. Where did it go wrong? Why have the voters there turned their back on the party? Why did the slogan ‘Jo Ram ko laaye hain, hum unko laayenge’ (Those who bring Ram, we will bring them) vanish into thin air? Why did the concept of ‘Mera booth sabse mazboot’ (My booth is the strongest) and ‘Panna pramukh’ (Page head) fail? The party will have to think about this.

The BJP is a divided house
Despite good work and the image of a strong leader, is factionalism within the party responsible for the BJP’s downfall in UP? It is not known how much truth is there in this, but it is a common discussion that weak and infamous candidates were fielded as part of a conspiracy to reduce the growing stature of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath? If this has happened, then the downfall of the BJP is certain. There is also a stigma that the BJP is becoming Congressised. The top leadership will have to find out how much truth is there in this.

The arrogance of the BJP leaders cost it dear
The centralisation of the party and the narcissism of its leaders proved fatal for it. Modi did not allow his ministers to emerge. He was seen everywhere. The status of the ministers was reduced to that of assistants, not colleagues. The Sangh chief has also pointed out this.

The BJP is lucky to have a leader like Modi
However, it is also true that our country worships individuals, not society. Because of this, Modi establishing himself as the sole leader has also been beneficial for the BJP. It was because of the personality cult that the Nehru dynasty was able to maintain a monopoly on power for so many years. Modi defeated them with the same weapon, but that weapon is proving to be blunt.

PM Modi crossed the line
Like other leaders, Modi also crossed limits many times in his speeches, which people did not like. It must be remembered that Rahul Gandhi was given the title of ‘Pappu’ due to his absurd speeches and memes have been made of his speeches. Many BJP leaders including the Prime Minister were also seen making the same mistake many times, which can prove fatal for the party.

Unemployment Leaves Youth Disheartened
Youth seems indifferent to the Modi government due to unemployment, leakage of question papers of competitive exams, and Agniveer Yojana. During voting, they stayed at home and did not come out to vote.

The BJP Government Shows Apathy Toward the Middle Class
The BJP government did not pay any attention to the salaried middle class. Due to this, this class is also upset. There is a need to pay attention to this immediately.

Small Traders’ Livelihoods Devastated
The BJP is called the party of traders, but during its rule, the businesses of small and medium traders have been ruined, the brunt of which the party has had to bear in the elections. This is a topic on which if the Modi government does not pay attention, then its downfall is certain.

The BJP Failed to Counter the Opposition’s Narrative
The BJP could not effectively counter the opposition’s propaganda of changing the constitution and ending reservation. It had to suffer losses due to this too.

The nation requires a government with strong and patriotic ideals
Narendra Modi has equaled Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s record of becoming the Prime Minister three times in a row, if he has to go ahead of him, then he will have to come out of the feel-good factor and look within himself. There is a need to identify the weak link and strengthen it. The relationship with the Sangh will have to be strengthened. Only then can the BJP maintain its lead. The country still needs a strong and nationalistic thinking government. Therefore, the BJP will have to make some more tough decisions.

Is the BJP ready for this?