With Akbarnagar buried in the pages of history, revival of Kukrail River becomes easy

Yogi govt to develop river front, make the area a hub of eco-tourism

Lucknow: The Kukrail River area of Lucknow, where Akbarnagar locality existed mainly housing illegal constructions and encroachments, has been cleared. With the last building of the Akbarnagar locality razed to the ground on Wednesday, the locality has been buried in the pages of history. The Yogi government plans to develop this region into an eco-tourism hub.

The government has prepared a comprehensive roadmap for enhancing the area, through development of a riverfront and by introducing the country’s first night safari and will start implementation soon.

The Yogi administration, supported by the Supreme Court order, has rid the river, which had been reduced into a drain, of the encroachments and illegal constructions by land mafias as well as Rohingya and Bangladeshi infiltrators.
All illegal houses and large commercial establishments built on the encroached land have been demolished.

The Lucknow Development Authority (LDA) completed its action by demolishing the last four-storey building early Wednesday morning. With the operation that began on June 10 concluded, the Yogi government will now focus on the area’s overall development.

Due to the collusion between previous governments and land mafias, illegal constructions were erected on the land of the Kukrail River.

CM Yogi addressed this issue upon assuming office. A government-ordered survey revealed illicit extensive construction on the river land, prompting CM Yogi to initiate a demolition campaign.

This campaign, which began in December 2023 before the Lok Sabha elections, continued uninterrupted even after the elections and concluded with demolishing the last building on the morning of June 19.

During this period, 1169 illegal houses and 101 commercial structures were demolished by Yogi’s bulldozers. Over 1800 illegal constructions on approximately 24.5 acres of land were removed, highlighting the campaign’s comprehensive nature.

To revive the Kukrail River, CM Yogi pursued legal action from the High Court to the Supreme Court, which upheld the government’s actions.

Following the clearance of the Kukrail River area, plans are now in place to develop a riverfront. The development will begin from Dashauli village near Bakshi Ka Talab, considered the river’s origin. It will also include beautifying the area by interlinking all the ponds.

Additionally, various projects under the Department of Urban Development will take shape here. Multiple departments have been assigned to develop this area, and the layout plans are being prepared. These plans will be announced soon after receiving approval from CM Yogi.

Simultaneously, the Yogi government is transforming the Kukrail forest area into an eco-tourism hub that features the country’s first night safari.

The Kukrail Night Safari Park will include themed areas such as the Indian Walking Trail, Indian Foothill, Indian Wetland, Arid India, and African Wetland, which will be the main attractions.

The night safari will house 54 species of animals in 42 enclosures. Visitors can explore the park via a 5.5 km tramway and a 1.92 km pathway.

The safari will showcase various animals, including the Asiatic lion, crocodile, Bengal tiger, flying squirrel, leopard, and hyena. Beautiful parks will be developed on both sides of the Kukrail River, and adventure activities will also be available.

CM Yogi’s actions are generating significant discussion on social media. People shared videos of the last building’s demolition and praised CM Yogi for restoring order to the area.

Many users post before-and-after pictures to highlight the extent of the illegal encroachments. They claim that the intruders had caused chaos by occupying government land and plotting to disrupt law and order from there.

One user noted the historical coincidence of the Battle of ‘Haldighati, fought between Akbar and Maharana Pratap on June 18, 1576, and the conclusion of demolitions in Akbarnagar under the leadership of CM Yogi occurring on the same date.

Some users attributed such coincidences to divine will, while others called it the end of “land jihad.”