Abha Sharma achieves success in ‘Panchayat 3’ despite her age and illness

At 54 years old, an age when many people plan for retirement, Abha Sharma is turning her aspirations into reality.

At 54 years old, an age when many people plan for retirement, Abha Sharma is turning her aspirations into reality. Through her portrayal of Ammaji in the Amazon Prime series “Panchayat-3,” Abha Sharma has shown that unwavering determination can overcome any obstacle in pursuit of one’s dreams.

At 35, Abha lost all her teeth due to illness and took a break from acting until she reached 54. But now, at 74, she is not only starring in the most popular web series in the country but has also carved out a special place in the hearts of the audience.

Abha says, “Ever since I was a child, I’ve had a strong desire to pursue a career in acting, but my mother disapproved of the film industry. It was a profession she didn’t approve of, and I didn’t want to defy her wishes. Despite coming from an educated family, we were quite traditional. After my mother passed away, I finally pursued acting, with the support of my siblings this time. After my father’s passing, I became responsible for caring for my ailing mother, which is why I never married. Despite my longing to be an artist, I obtained a diploma from JJ School of Arts and began teaching in 1979.”

Abha’s challenges persisted as her teeth fell out due to gum infection at the young age of 35, but she persisted in her work. At 45, she began to experience trembling in her hands and legs due to an illness. However, she never let despair take over, and she remained committed to her dream of becoming an actress. In 1991, she made the decision to leave her teaching job.

Finally, in 2008, she ventured into theatre in Lucknow and in 2009, she succeeded in her first audition for a Bank of Baroda ad, leading to an opportunity to shoot an ad in Mumbai.

Following this, Aabha was presented with numerous acting opportunities, including a part in the movie “Ishaqzaade”. Anurag Shukla Shiva, her colleague from the theater, persuaded her to film an audition for “Panchayat” post-Covid-19, which led to her securing the role of Ammaji. She mentioned that initially, she didn’t comprehend what a web series entailed, but upon arriving on the set, she became very enthusiastic about the series. Starting her acting career at the age of 54, Aabha advises, “If you have a strong passion for something, keep persevering and remain hopeful.”